DCS Community Education Partners

 Who is Dallas Community School?

Dallas Community School (DCS) is an inclusive public charter school supporting collaborative, standards-based education in a flexible, non-traditional, environment.  Our model is unique and we proudly rely on our Community Education Partners to create great learning opportunities for our students and expand learning outside of the classroom.

What is the Community Partner Program?

This program consists of committed partners sharing the same goal; being an active participant in providing unique learning experiences for our students while demonstrating the importance of community involvement, civic engagement, and leadership in a safe environment.  Through an application process, we partner with local businesses that offer classes and/or unique experiences for our students.

Whether you offer services in the fine arts, outdoor education, sports and physical education, tutoring services, etc., we hope you’ll consider partnering with us.

Why Partner with Dallas Community School?

DCS has a great group of innovative families that are always looking for unique experiences for their kids.  Partnering with DCS allows you to build strong relationships with our families and create an environment that allows kids to grow.  Community is at the core of what we do here at DCS and building those long lasting relationships is paramount for the health of any community.  We work hard to build strong partnerships throughout our community and we hope you’ll find benefits partnering with us.

  • Free Advertising:  Approved partners will be able to promote their business to a captive audience through multiple media channels.  
    • A listing in the DCS Course Catalog, published three times a year
    • A listing in the DCS Curriculum Catalog
    • A link on DCS’s Website
    • Mentions on our Social Media Posts
    • Mentions in our DCS Monthly Newsletters
    • Promotion at Family Events and Gatherings
  • Simple Invoicing:  Our families are given an annual allotment for curriculum and learning experiences that support their students’ learning plan.  Because of this business model, we are allowed to pay Community Partners directly for classes DCS students enroll in.  Instead of you having to invoice multiple families, you can send one invoice and a class roster to DCS  for payment.  In the rare event a family goes over their allotment, you’ll be notified and will be able to invoice the family directly.

Strength in Community: We can’t stress enough how important Community is to us.  It’s in the name of our school and our founders built our learning model to include Community Partners.  We want to demonstrate the importance of community to our youngest members, by having Community Partners become an integral part of the learning process.  We believe through this model, students will have a better understanding of what Community means and Community Partners will participate in the success of the next generation of leaders, creators and  innovators.

For more information about becoming a Community Education Partner, please check out these documents: 

Community Partner Application

Community Partner Agreement