Friday Workshops

Friday Workshops at DCS

A unique part of our schooling experience is that parent educators get to use whatever sparks their child(ren)’s curiosity to extend the learning in any direction the student wishes to go. Here at DCS we believe that helping to spark an interest in different concepts, topics and directions is an important part of our role in helping homeschooling families. To this end, we plan to host several Friday workshops taught by community experts during the school year on topics that may not be covered in our enrichment or core classes. These are, as with all of our enrichment opportunities, optional for families to attend, and will mostly be free (but may involve a small materials fee at times). We are planning workshops on chemistry, physics, wilderness survival, rocketry, tinkering, Minecraft programming, storytelling, art, percussion, and more. Stay tuned for the full schedule – we hope to see you there and then hear about the fabulous learning that was inspired by the workshops!

Friday workshops may be anywhere from two to six hours long, and will usually be held at DCS. Families must register in advance. Workshop descriptions will clearly note the age focus of the workshop and whether siblings may attend or not. For any Friday Workshop suggestions, please contact us at