Summer Programs 2021

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DCS Summer Camps will be held at Dallas Community School, 124 SW Walnut Ave. SW, Dallas, OR. Camps are FREE and all-day camps include free lunch (or students can get free lunch at Lyle Elementary School just four blocks from Dallas Community School after morning camps or before afternoon camps). ANY student from ANY school or district (or homeschooled students, of course) can sign up.

Sign up for one of our summer programs on this form after reading the following descriptions of each camp below. Sign-ups will close for each camp either when maximum capacity has been reached or one week before the camp is due to begin (if there is still space). You will be charged a $20 cancellation fee if you cancel less than two weeks before the camp start date or if your child does not attend in order to cover materials purchased for your student.  

Face mask requirements remain in effect for all indoor activities during our summer programs (but not outdoors or while eating or drinking). 


Join us for Friday Summer STEAM Activities July 9, 16, 23 & 30 from 9 am to 1 or 2 pm

Art, 3-D Printing, T-shirt Making (bring your own t-shirt), Robotics, Programming / Coding, Engineering Challenges

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Mostly taking place in our air-conditioned building, sometimes groups will be going outside to work or going to one of the nearby parks. Face masks will be required when indoors (except when eating or drinking) but optional when outside. All Covid safety protocol followed as per guidelines/requirements from the OHA & ODE (hand washing/sanitizing, full cleaning of surfaces between groups, separate bathrooms for each group, etc.).

Grade levels listed are grades completed this school year (2020-2021). 

Students who attend an all-day camp or both a morning AND afternoon session the same week will be taken to eat lunch at Lyle Elementary School, about four blocks from DCS. They can bring their own sack lunch or get the free lunch at Lyle. 

The Great Escape (Room) Camp – Grades 3-6 
June 21-24 (M-Th) – 9:00-12:00 – Melina Lawson (Max. 14)

Description: In this 4 day class students will spend Monday – Wednesday solving puzzles as well as learning about different types and creating their own. They will also pick some “themes” to research for the final escape room project (a historical period, another culture, etc.). On Thursday students will have the opportunity to set up their escape room and guide teachers and family members through it.

film video making

Let’s Make a Movie! – Grades 1-4 
July 12-15 (M-Th) – 9:00-12:00 – Josh Wagner (Max. 8)

Description: Get together with other kids and watch some really fun short movies together. While we do so, we’ll learn how they’re made. And then use video technology and video editing software to make a short movie together that you can show to your family and friends!


Fantasy Roleplay Gaming – Grades 5-8 
July 12-15 (M-Th) – 1:00-4:00 – Josh Wagner (Max. 8)

Description: We’ll get together and develop a fantasy or science fiction world together. Then, make characters in that world. Finally, we’ll play out a fantasy roleplay story in that world with those characters using the Cogent Roleplay System (which is similar to Dungeons and Dragons but with a greater emphasis on storytelling). Get ready for lots of imagination, socializing, and fun times.You can learn more about the Cogent Roleplay System by clicking on this link: We highly recommend that Dungeons and Dragons players watch the video that comes up on the first page.

Theater Production – On the Stage! Grades K-2 & Grades 3-5 
July 12-22 (M-F for TWO weeks) – 1:30-4:30 pm – Marian & Chris Scadden (Max. 16)

This is not just a class; this is a theater production. We are putting on two plays!

For those who have completed K through 5th grade. We’re going to rehearse for only two weeks, therefore, students must be in attendance every day, M-F for both weeks, 1:30-4:30 pm. We’ll perform the plays at the end of the second week at 4:30 pm, location TBD (outdoors).  The younger group (those who completed K-2) will be the Nursery Rhyme Brigade and will PERFORM (not just speak) 15-20 min of nursery rhymes from around the world. The older group (those who completed 3-5) will be putting on a 30-40-minute play. The script will depend on the number of cast members and might be one of the following: Fables, a play with three fables from around the world and songs to sing; Three Fables of Aesop, also three storylines but no music; The Beanstalk Stories, with two storylines and songs.

Students will be learning high-level acting skills (stage presence and direction, voice projection, expression, comedy, etc.) and possibly help with some costumes and props. 

Film Production Workshop – Grades 5-8 
July 19-29 (M-Th for TWO WEEKS) – 9:00-4:00 (all day with a one hour lunch break) – Josh Wagner (Max. 8)

Description: A two-week experience learning how movies are made and then making a movie. 

In the first week, we’ll spend the mornings learning how to use camera equipment, plan and frame shots, record production sound, and set up attractive lighting. In the afternoons, we’ll work together to conceptualize and write a video project that we want to make together.

Then, in the second week, we’ll each take on an official position on a film set such as Director, Director of Photography, Assistant Camera, Boompole Operator, Sound Mixer, Gaffer, or Grip and work together to bring our video idea to life. Students will learn teamwork, technical skills, and creative problem solving while making friends and having fun.

Art Camp – Grades 1-4 
July 26-29 – 9:00-12:00 – Dawn Adams (Max. 14)

Fun arts & crafts projects indoors and outside! Some of the projects will include:

Nature Assemblage Art – We will gather items from nature on a nature walk, then use various materials to make art from our findings. Finished items may include a picture frame, a keepsake box, or a wall hanging.

Scratch Art – Students will create a black top layer, and will scratch to expose their design in a colorful under layer. 

Origami Stars and Bookmarks – Students will learn to fold origami mini stars, and will also have an opportunity to create origami bookmark critters.

Puzzle assemblage art – Using simple puzzles, students will paint over the original art and re-cover pieces in their own art or magazine clippings to create new art that reflects things “all about me”. 

Painted Rocks – Students will use dot paint to decorate found rocks.

Tabletop Roleplaying Game for Kids- Starport – Grades 1-4 
August 9-12 (M-Th) – 9:00-12:00 – Josh Wagner (Max. 8)

Description: We’ll learn to play Starport and have a great time doing it together. We’ll make up characters and draw pictures of them and then use the simple and fun rules of Starport to play out adventures together. Expect lots of creativity, laughing, and friendship. You can learn more about Starport (the game) by clicking on this link:


Art Camp – Grades 5-8
August 9-12 – 9:00-12:00 – Dawn Adams (Max. 14)

Fun arts & crafts projects indoors and outside! Some of the projects will include the following, with some free time given each day for working on individual-choice art projects:
Nature Assemblage Art – We will gather items from nature on a nature walk, then use various materials to make art from our findings. Finished items may include a picture frame, a keepsake box, or a wall hanging.

Origami Hangings – Students will learn to create various origami shapes and animals. They have an opportunity to create a wall hanging or a free form hanging by stringing these shapes together.

Paper assemblage art – Using magazine paper, students will assemble an intricate new creation.

Re-Create a Masterpiece – Students will trace a line drawing of a “masterpiece”, then will use a variety of mediums and techniques to re-create the piece as their own.

Zentangle Drawings – Students will study intricate zentangle patterns, then create their own art piece using these techniques.

Painted Rocks – Students will use dot paint to decorate found rocks.

Stop-Motion Animation – Grades 2-8 
August 9-12 (M-Th) – 1:00-4:00 – Josh Wagner (Max. 14)

Description: Bring everyday objects to life with stop-motion animation! We’ll learn to animate all sorts of things, everything from Legos to action figures to paper or clay figurines. Learn how to use a tablet (iPad) app for stop motion animations that you can use at home. It’ll be a lot of fun. In the end, we’ll each walk away with a few short animations to show family and friends.

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 First Tech Challenge (including robotics) – Grades 6 – 8 – Stay tuned for more information! 





FindMore Information About Friday Summer STEAM Activities & Sign-up Form HERE

Sign up online or call ahead on the day you’d like to participate to check availability as a drop-in. 503-420-4360

Art projects, 3-D printing, T-shirt making (bring your own shirt), robotics, programming / coding, engineering challenges