Applying and Enrolling at Dallas Community School

All applications submitted past May 10, 2018 will be placed on a list to be put through the next lottery. Students on the list will be put through a special lottery during the school year if everyone from the current wait list has been offered a spot. All applications received after May 10, 2018 will be included in the 2019-20 lottery. We currently have a wait list and students will be admitted on a space-available basis.

Applying to Dallas Community School: New Students

1. Get to know the school before applying
The best way to learn about our program is to read through our website. You can even click here to view a presentation about the school. Attend a parent information night, open house, or similar event to get to know the school. Upcoming information nights will be announced

2. Complete an application
Complete an online or print application for each child between the application window: January – May 10 of the year prior to the next school year. Students who are currently on the wait list do not need to submit a new application.

3. Await confirmation.
Enrollment confirmations will be sent after the lottery in May. You will either receive an enrollment confirmation or a wait list confirmation via email. Notifications are sent out during the month of May. If your child is wait listed, we will contact you as soon as a space is open.

Current Students: Once you’re enrolled at DCS, you stay with us until you withdraw or leave for high school. There is no need to reapply every year. For siblings of current students, please contact your family’s guide for application information.

Families: If you have multiple children you are applying for, please fill out an application for each student. Returning students are enrolled first, followed by siblings of returning students. After that, new students living in Dallas School District are admitted if space is available. If additional space is available, new students living outside the District are admitted. Further details are provided in the Lottery and Wait list section below.

Applicants Accepted to Dallas Community School

1. Enroll
Once you receive an enrollment confirmation, complete and submit the enrollment packet within three days of receiving the enrollment confirmation letter. You will receive an orientation packet once you have submitted your enrollment materials.

2. Meet with your Educational Guide
Your Educational Guide will contact you to set up your first meeting. The Guide will work with you to develop a learning plan for the coming year. An orientation with your guide is mandatory.

3. Order materials and enroll in enrichment classes
Once you have set up your child’s Personalized Learning Plan with your Guide, you can then add your child to on-site enrichment classes, complete vendor forms for community learning classes, and submit materials requests.

Lottery and Waitlist

Applications must be returned no later than May 10th in order to enter the 2018-2019 lottery. Should the number of applications exceed the number of spaces available, students will be selected via lottery. All applicants must go through the lottery process. Per Oregon law, residents of Dallas School District are given priority over non-Dallas School District residents and siblings of existing students are given priority over applicants who do not have siblings currently enrolled at DCS. Admissions priorities are as follows:

  • Siblings of enrolled students who reside in Dallas School District.
  • Siblings of enrolled students who reside outside of Dallas School District.
  • New students who reside in Dallas School District.
  • New students who reside outside of Dallas School District.

Students who are not admitted to the school will be placed on the wait list,if all the students from that wait list are admitted or decline, we will run a special lottery for any applications received after May 10th. Should the wait listed student not be enrolled during the school year, the student will remain on the wait list for the next school year.

Interested Students Who Have NOT Completed an Application: the 2018-2019 application deadline will be May 10, 2018. All applications submitted past May 10th will immediately be placed on a secondary list. Students on the wait list are admitted during the school year on a space-available basis. All applications received after May 10, 2018 will be included in the 2019-2020 lottery unless we run a secondary lottery due to space. The application is currently disabled and will be available after the lottery process.

Interested Students Who HAVE Completed an Application and Are Currently on the Wait List:
Many of you already completed an application earlier in the year. Oregon law states that if the number of applications exceed the number of spaces, all applications must go through the lottery process and receive a lottery number. If you submitted an application after April 30, 2017 and have not been admitted to DCS or participated in a lottery, your application will go through the lottery in May 2018.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to accommodate as many new families as possible.

Should you have questions about the application/enrollment process, please contact us at: