Teach an Enrichment Class at DCS

Dear Community Partner,

Dallas Community School (DCS) invites applications from community educators (CE) who are interested in providing education services for students attending Dallas Community School. Operated by Community Innovation Partners, a nonprofit organization, Dallas Community School is a public charter school that provides support and services for homeschooled students. Although most learning takes place in the students’ home and community, students also have options to attend on-site enrichment classes in Dallas and Salem. Dallas Community School pays for the enrichment classes offered by you our partners. Students can also use school funds to pay for other community-based enrichment opportunities.

You are invited to apply to become a Dallas Community School CE. Community Educators are independent contractors who teach enrichment classes at the DCS site or at an alternate site of their choosing. Community Educators can also list their services in our resource catalog and provide services to individual students. One benefit of becoming a DCS Community Educator is that you can bill Dallas Community School directly for your services, instead of individual students. This is a great way to grow your business/organization while increasing the number of students who can access your program.

Click here to complete a Community Educator application.