Community Learning

12002440_1128299877198652_2253440568040881397_oDallas Community School is a place where students learn within their community. Although we offer dozens of excellent classes at DCS, attendance at our physical site is not required; instead, an Education Guide (licensed teacher) works with students and their parents to develop a Personalized Learning Plan that describes the learning goals and methods for the coming year. The Learning Plan describes what the student wants to learn and how she/he will learn it. It also explains the tools that will be used, such as printed curriculum, core classes at DCS, enrichment classes, etc. The parent facilities the learning activities that are outlined in the Learning Plan. The family schedules regular meetings (every two weeks) and check-ins with their Education Guide.

Each student is provided with a $1000 financial allotment that can be used to accomplish educational goals. The Learning Plan explains how the allotment is to be spent. Funds can be spent on curriculum and supply purchases, as well as on community-based learning opportunities such as:

  • Music classes
  • PE and sports lessons (such as karate, swimming, fencing, etc.)
  • Foreign language
  • Art classes and supplies
  • Immersive learning experiences at historical sites and museums
  • Fees for classes at places like Village Home in Salem and Zena Learning Center in Salem

Dallas Community School allotment funds and resources cannot be spent on religious materials or religious instruction.

In addition to access to the Education Guide and the Allotment, students can also check out items from the DCS curriculum lending library. This can include microscopes, science kits, books, curriculum, and many other materials.

Field Trips and Social Activities

13015234_1264147650280540_8117921286087254899_nDallas Community School arranges dozens of field trips every year as a means of reinforcing learning goals. Field trips include trips to interesting local sites, businesses, museums, and performances, family camp-outs, and hikes. Social activities include family workshops, parent-facilitated events at our site in Dallas, parties at the Gilbert House and Dallas Aquatic Center, and regional meetups.