Classes at DCS

We offer optional classes at our community learning site in Dallas four days a week, which is located approximately 25 minutes west of Salem, as well as community-based lessons and online classes. Our classes are all multi-age and cover a wide range of subjects. DCS students choose varying amounts of classes each week, from few or none, to several each day. Classes are offered at little or no cost to students, and allotment funds can be spent on class fees. The class schedule is updated three times per year and students work with their Guide to determine which classes best meet their academic and personal interests. All students enrolled in on-site classes are expected to meet class behavioral, age, and prerequisite standards and must be able to commit to attending and fully participating in all class meetings. DCS does not provide childcare for students who are not enrolled in classes, or for students who have a gap in their class schedule. Students not enrolled in classes cannot be left at the school site.

Enrichment Classes

12936561_1246106432084662_1830847107174197925_nClasses are taught by Certified Teachers and Community Educators who are subject matter experts. Classes take place at the DCS site or at other locations in the community/region. Classes are typically 1-2 hours in length and take place 1-2 days per week. Student interests are reflected in our wide variety of classes, with topics including literature, writing, science, math, music, engineering, art, foreign language, PE, music, technology and more.

After students develop their Personalized Learning Plan, they can enroll in classes that meet the goals in their plan.

Find a list of our current and past course offerings under the “Current DCS Parents” tab on our website.