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A Place for Non-traditional Learners

10660251_1189674311061208_7026193450173218618_nDallas Community School is a public charter school sponsored by Dallas School District and operated by Community Innovation Partners. First developed in 2013 by parents who sought alternative learning opportunities for their children, Dallas Community School serves nontraditional learners in a homeschooling environment. The vision of Dallas Community School is to foster a community-based, creative learning environment that connects nontraditional learners and their families to innovative, effective, and customized educational resources. Dallas Community School opened in September 2015.

Community Innovation Partners is a Dallas-based nonprofit that was formed in 2013 by families who want to support learning opportunities in Dallas and the surrounding area. Our mission is: Supporting and sustaining the Dallas community and surrounding area through educational opportunities that emphasize innovation, creativity, and individualized learning. CIP is a registered Oregon Public Benefit Corporation and a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.

Resources for Homeschooling/Community-Based Learning

Dallas Community School engages and supports homeschooling students in western Oregon through several programs and services. Each student receives access to a $700 allotment that can be used for standards-based curriculum and school supply purchase. All students are paired with an Education Guide who supports students and their Learning Coaches (parents or other assigned guardian). Guides, Coaches and students work together to develop a Personalized Learning Plan that describes learning goals for the coming year. Once the Personalized Learning Plan is developed, families then choose how learning takes place. Parents work with their Guide to obtain curriculum that best meets the needs of their individual student. Attendance at our site in Dallas is not required. However, students can participate in optional morning and afternoon enrichment classes at our site and at other sites in the area.

12003028_1126729270689046_6304868986554656196_nWe’re a Public Charter School

Dallas Community School is a public charter school for students who are learning in a home/community-based environment. Students cannot be dual-enrolled at DCS and another public school. Unlike traditional homeschoolers, DCS students are not registered with the Education Service District. We emphasize individualized learning that includes access to financial support for curriculum, support from licensed teachers, enrichment classes, field trips, and social activities. Dallas Community School families agree to the following commitment when enrolling at DCS:

  • Parents/guardians are primarily responsible for educating their children with support from the school. Transportation to the school site is not provided. Child care at the school site is not provided. All students who are on-site must be enrolled in a class or activity.
  • All curriculum and materials purchased by the school and used for school purposes must be secular.
  • Students and Learning Coaches (parent/guardian) are required to meet once every two weeks with their assigned Education Guide. There are no exceptions other than verifiable emergency or illness. Missed meetings may result in being dropped from school.
  • Students must participate in learning activities daily, Monday-Friday, with the exception of holidays, vacation days, and excused absences. Learning Coaches (parent/guardian) must submit an attendance record that is provided by DCS and complete regular check-ins. Incomplete or missing attendance records may result in being dropped from school.
  • Students attending DCS-sponsored classes and field trips are expected to be able to adhere to behavior expectations, age requirements, and course requirements. All students should be ready to fully participate in course activities.
  • Students in grades 3 and up are expected to participate in end of year assessments as part of our learning community’s agreement with Dallas School District. Opt-out forms are available, but all students are strongly encouraged to participate in assessments in a way that respects the individual student.
  • All students are required to keep work samples as outlined in the student’s Personalized Learning Plan.
  • Learning Coaches must complete all required paperwork prior to the start of school.
  • Families living outside the DCS service area (Polk, Marion, Yamhill, Benton, and Linn counties) will be required to travel to the DCS service area to meet with the Education Guide.

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