Field Trips

Enrichment courses, one-time workshops, and field trips are an important part of learning at the Dallas Community School. We want to provide opportunities for learning that individual homeschooling families might not otherwise have access to, and to provoke curiosity about things that students can then do more with in their home learning environments.


“How to” Guide to Signing up for Enrichments and Field Trips


What are Enrichment Classes?  

Enrichment classes are optional, supplemental classes that we offer our DCS students both on and off-site. These classes cost $10 each, automatically deducted from each student’s Classes and Field Trips Allotment Fund ($300). There also may be a small additional materials fee for some classes. Classes are taught by certified teachers (DCS Guides) and other community educators. DCS families will receive an email with a link to sign up for enrichment classes as soon as the schedule is finalized, usually three to six weeks before the beginning of the next term. For more information on enrolling in enrichment classes, please contact us at


What field trips are offered and how do I sign up?

Our field trips can last for one to several hours. We try to have field trips on different days of the week, covering a variety of subjects that can help accomplish the goals on students’ Personal Learning Plans (science, technology, history, ecology, language arts, etc.) and which also tie in well with our classes. We will provide links to extension activities so that homeschooling families can prepare for the field trip and extend the learning at home after the field trip.

We ask for one parent to accompany the student (or to designate another parent as their child(ren)’s chaperone). As much as we would love to have all the siblings, many field trips are for parent and students only (unless there is an exception noted in the field trip description). Each field trip costs $10 per student, automatically deducted from each student’s $300 Classes and Field Trips Allotment Fund. Transportation and supervision of the student is the parent’s responsibility unless otherwise noted (sometimes we may take a school bus). We will have field trip sign-ups about four weeks before each quarter (Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter). Please be mindful of the dates for these trips and make sure you attend or you may have the cost of the trip taken out of your allotment fund if you don’t show up for the field trip.

Overnight Field Trips – In the past, we offered some overnight field trips for families, but as our school is growing, this is getting more difficult to coordinate (and finance). This school year we do plan to have two overnight family camping trips, but may not offer any other overnight field trips so that we can focus instead on more daytime field trips and Friday workshops. DCS families will receive an email to register for overnight family camping trips as soon as the plans have been finalized.

Friday Workshops: 

A unique part of the homeschooling experience is that parent educators get to use whatever sparks their child(ren)’s curiosity to extend the learning in any direction the student wishes to go. Here at DCS we believe that helping to spark an interest in different concepts, topics and directions is an important part of our role in helping homeschooling families. To this end, we plan to host several Friday Workshops during the school year. These are, as with all of our enrichment opportunities, optional for families to attend, and will mostly be free (but may involve a small materials fee at times). We are planning workshops on chemistry, physics, wilderness survival, rocketry, tinkering, Minecraft programming, storytelling, art, percussion, and more. Stay tuned for the full schedule – we hope to see you there and then hear about the fabulous homeschool learning that was inspired by the workshops!