Britannica Encyclopedia & Science Resources

Encyclopædia Britannica, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, plus other reliable research sources.

DCS pays for a subscription to Britannica School and Britannica Pathways: Science. These are extremely useful, engaging and valuable resources for home learners.

Britannica School is the go-to site for research—the core of any inquiry learning model—offering thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended Web sites, and three separate databases.

Built-In Support for Differentiated Learning

Choose from three levels of learning—Elementary, Middle, and High School—for a wealth of unique content to explore. Select an article and adjust its complexity with a single click while maintaining the age-appropriate look—ideal for classes of studentsat multiple reading levels! Read-aloud functionality and a font size changer are just a few of the features specifically helpful for students with special needs.

About Pathways: Science
Interactive science activities and support online!

  • Inquiry-based lessons address life, earth, space, and physical science using a research-based, conceptual change model.
  • Consistent format of Predict-Investigate-Conclude in each lesson reinforces the process and considerations of the scientific method.
  • Articles, images, videos, and graphs developed by Britannica’s editorial team provide accurate and up-to-date research content for students’ evidence-gathering.

GETTING STARTED – Check out this Guided Tour about how to use Britannica School

Parent educators can create resource packs for researching specific topics or projects and create lesson plans aligned to standards. To get the most out of this amazing resource, parents should watch this Britannica Guide for Educators video.

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Check out this Britannica School Guide video for Students from Britannica Learn on Vimeo.