Egypt Week

DCS Egypt Week! January 7-10, 2019

DCS families will be able to sign students up for special classes / workshops and family presentations about Ancient Egypt on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and for the field trip at OMSI to see the special King Tut exhibit on Thursday. Take a look at the classes the DCS staff will be offering during the week and register your students starting in Although class registrations will be open until December 28, sign-ups are generally confirmed by who signed up first, so make sure to register as early as possible if you are interested in participating! Please note, Egypt Week is a special one-week academic session at DCS, so each class is only one class session, not ongoing for the term. Below the schedule you will find the registration form to fill out if you would like to attend the field trip on January 10, 2019.




When registering in, remember to select all of the sessions that all of your kids want to take, then add the number of students you want to sign up for each class. After that, you will select the names of each student attending each class session.


In addition, make sure to fill out this form (below) to sign up to attend the DCS field trip to OMSI on Thursday, January 10, 2019 if you would like to attend! Registration will close on December 28, 2019.

DCS OMSI Field Trip - Jan. 10

Register for the DCS field trip to OMSI - visit the museum, participate in guided, hands-on activities and see the King Tut exhibit in its last week! Arrive at OMSI at 10:15 and depart at about 2:45 - ride the bus (departing DCS by 8:30) or drive and meet us there at 10:15.
  • Family last name (or last name of parent chaperone attending)
  • Total number of family members attending, including DCS students, adult chaperones, and younger siblings
  • Total number of family members riding the bus, if any (leaving DCS at 8:30 am and returning around 4:30 pm - children under 5 years old may not ride the bus)