DCS High School

DCHS Program – Starting Jan. 3, 2022

Our first group of 9th graders will begin at DCHS on January 3, 2022!

At DCHS, learning is connected to the world beyond school. Plans are being made to create a meaningful high school culmination project in an area that will demonstrate learning and growth and a well developed senior project.

It is our goal to engage our students in a wide range of pursuits: scientific, mathematical, literary, historical, artistic, and aesthetic. As a school rooted in the community, service and civic engagement will be a priority in the form of activities that allow for reciprocal benefit. 

DCHS teachers work in teams to integrate curriculum across subject areas. Students master critical content while pursuing their interests through individual and small-group projects. Frequent exhibitions and “Presentation of Learning” help students develop valuable skills of analysis and communication.

As DCHS teachers develop curriculum, they consider the Oregon academic standards and the six Core Deeper Learning Competencies which call for students to: master core academic content, think critically & solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, learn how to learn and develop academic mindsets.


Classes are scheduled Monday – Friday, Students will take five, .5 credit classes each term allowing a student to earn a potential of 7.5 credits each year toward the 24 credit minimum graduation requirement. Each term students will be enrolled in three core classes and two elective courses. This will allow for students to take part in  a wide range of experiences and allow for students to engage in courses where the activities speak to their passions.

A hybrid experience will combine both in-person, online learning and independent study under the guidance of a licensed staff member. 


  • Dallas Community School High School is an academically challenging program for students who are committed to their education and take ownership of their academic goals.

  • Dallas Community School High School will begin a rigorous accreditation process through Cognia as soon as the school opens. We anticipate obtaining accreditation by 2023. 

  • We are are unwavering in our commitment to equity and anti-discrimination principles and continue to work to make DCS a just and welcoming environment. No person shall be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, familial status, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and source of income. We fully comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and related statutes and regulations, in all programs and activities.

Starting Jan. 3, 2022

We invite you to learn about our program and explore an innovative high school model that invites students to explore their interests within a motivated, welcoming learning community.

Want to learn more or sign up for our enrollment lottery?

  • Complete an interest form. We’ll add your name to the interest list and get in touch when we are ready to begin enrollment.
  • Email us. Want to learn more about our program? We’re happy to sit down and chat.
  • The interest form is not an enrollment application. In December, interested students / families will be invited to attend an orientation and complete an application.

school hours

8:30 am -3:20 pm


124 SW Walnut Ave.

Dallas, OR 97338