Dallas Schools Lockdown

We learned from the assistant superintendent of Dallas Public Schools at about noon today (Wednesday, Oct. 18) that all of the Dallas schools were on lockdown because of a specific threat from one student to another student. The assistant superintendent said that we should lock our doors but reassured us that it was a very specific threat, and that we could continue to release kids to parents and go in and out of the school. The DCS Middle School Guides brought their students to our building, and we arranged car rides for those going back to the North Campus building, where the doors were locked after students and teachers entered for the 12:30 class.

Some parents called or posted on Facebook to ask about why they didn’t hear from us during the lockdown. Although we very much understand parents’ concern, our first priority during any “emergency” situation is the safety of the students and staff, and all the organization and processes that entails. While we are focused on doing what needs to be done to that end, it is hard for any staff to break away to send out emails or update our school community Facebook page. If our school is in a lockdown, then normally, it would usually not be advisable for parents to come pick up their children, or for families to be going in and out of the school. As many of you know, we follow the Dallas School District policies, but the Board and the staff are currently working on updating our own school policies, and we will be communicating our revised lockdown and emergency policy after next week’s staff meeting.

In any case, all is now well – the lockdown was called off at around 1:00 or so, and we don’t have any further details to share, though it will probably be in the morning papers! Thank you for your concern and communications, and rest assured, student safety and well-being is our top priority at all times, but especially during a lockdown or emergency situation!

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