Classes – Winter Term 2022

Find the lesson plans for each lesson in our online CC planner. Check the lesson plans weekly, at least a few days before the lessons your students are attending in case there is a homework assignment or extension activity. 

You can find the Syllabi for most classes in this folder.

For course descriptions, check the course catalogue.

Winter term classes begin on Monday, January 3. There will be no classes on Monday, January 17 or Monday, February 21. The last day of classes is Thursday, March 17


If you need to change registration for any classes, please contact your Guide. 

Winter term, we will still have the face mask requirements (indoors only), and students will still be at least 3 feet apart at all times. Rooms will be well ventilated and regularly cleaned, and many classes will take advantage of our outdoor space and the park across the street to do learning outside when possible.

Waiting Lists

If spots in any of the full classes open up, a DCS staff person will contact the parent of the next student on the waiting list to offer them that spot. 

Online Classes

DCS will not be offering online classes winter term. However, there are MANY excellent online classes you can sign up for from other sources like these – some are free, and you may use your remaining allotment funds to pay any fees. 

Check out these resources – you may be surprised by the wide variety of interesting online classes being offered elsewhere! 
– OutSchool

Over 140,000 Interactive Online Classes 

– Activity Hero
Live online classes & online camps for kids provide engaging e-learning experiences from home. Many free options!
– Varsity Tutors
Live small & large group classes or private & small-group tutoring starting at $13 per hour
– Bridgeway Learning / Homeschool Academy

Live online Zoom classes with exciting topics and a trimester schedule that works for students of all ages

Course Catalog