Classes – Winter Term 2020

You can find syllabi for most of the DCS classes in this online folder, and weekly lesson plans for classes taught by DCS Guides in our CC Lesson Planbook

Please be sure to read the course descriptions for your classes to be sure you and your student(s) understand the content and expectations before requesting classes in eSchools. In multi age classes, we always try to teach to the older grade levels. Our middle school level classes tend to be  particularly high-level, concept-based classes with lots of interesting discussions, ideas, and connections being made, and often incorporating research, writing, and presentation skills. If you have any questions about what a class might be like or if it would be a good fit for your child(ren), don’t hesitate to contact us or ask your Guide. 

Course descriptions (alphabetical by course name) can be found on this document.  

Course descriptions by (listed by day and time) can be found on this document. 


You can find FULL instructions on how to request courses for your students in the eSchools Home Access Center on this document. Abbreviated instructions are on the right. 

If you need help logging in to eSchools, please contact Andrea.

Access eSchools here.  

Deadline to request winter term classes is Thursday, Dec. 5. 

Waitlist Process – Rubric

At the end of the registration deadline on Dec. 5, DCS staff will review all the course requests in eSchools and create final class lists. If any classes are over capacity, staff will use the Waitlist Rubric (approved by the Waitlist committee) to determine which students will be registered into the class and which will be on a waiting list. Parents will be contacted about whether they would like to register the child for a second choice class or keep them on the waiting list. Often, with families changing schedules at the start of the term, lots of students end up getting into a class off the waitlist by the first or second week of classes.