Classes – Spring Term 2021

Online & Outdoor ClassesCC Planner with Links to ALL Online Lessons

If you are only participating in PE, you can go to this CC Planner showing ONLY PE in the Park Lessons (check this after 8:30 am each day to see if PE has been cancelled and what equipment we will be using if you want to bring your own)

Find the course descriptions for each online & outdoor class here. Make sure you understand what each class is about before signing up on this Sign-up Form online. Some classes will require homework outside of class each week and others will not. All of our online classes are highly interactive and engaging for every student. Online classes for grades K-3 will usually be around 30 to 45 minutes long, and classes for older students are usually between 40-55 minus long. Don’t hesitate to ask your DCS Guide for information about taking online classes! 

Information about PE in the Park

Hybrid Learning

With numbers of Covid cases dropping, we are able to switch from Comprehensive Distance Learning to Hybrid Learning (some distance learning / online classes and some in-person learning in Cohorts plus outdoor learning as well) starting in April. DCS staff will be very happy to see students back in person! 

As we were planning for in-person learning, we based our model and plans on the ODE health and safety requirements, and also on the results from the latest DCS parent survey. For example, many parents said they would like to bring students to DCS for two mornings or two afternoons per week, so we have made more of those options available. 
Students will attend fixed Cohorts (the same students staying together in one classroom). Cohorts will be one or two 2.5-hour blocks per week with one main instructor each day and a specialist instructor for things like Drama, Music, Science, etc. Sign ups have closed, but if you would like your child to join a cohort, please talk to your Guide.

In-Person Classes – April 5 through June 9, 2021

With orientation sessions & outdoor activities on April 1 & April 2, 2021

Cohort Schedule


If you are interested in learning more about our in-person learning cohorts for spring term, you can find detailed information on this presentation, or watch these videos (Part 1 and Part 2) which explain a lot. We will not have Wednesday/Thursday morning cohorts. 

If you are interested in Outdoor PE in the Park at noon (M-Th.) starting April 5, you can find more details and sign up on this form. Students can sign up for outdoor PE whether they are signed up for a cohort or not. Depending on numbers, your student would be able to attend at least one PE session per week, and maybe more, if there is space. 

After you read through all the information, feel free to contact us or ask your DCS Guide.