Classes – Spring Term 2018-2019

Spring Term Syllabi, Lesson Plans and Resources for classes taught by our DCS Guides will be found mostly in our Spring Term Syllabi folder online and also on our Planbook site


Online enrollment through the registration system will open at noon on Friday, March 8, 2019. Registration will only be open for eight days. Many classes fill up early, so the earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting the classes you want. Although students are officially registered if you get a confirmation  from Active (and not a waitlist notice), final approval for class enrollment is up to the guides (based on students’ PLPs, needs, and abilities, among other criteria). Use this link to register for spring term classes.

Below  you will find a copy of the current schedule of the Spring Term classes (April 1 through June 7, 2019) that will be offered through DCS. We are excited about having more science and math options on offer, as well as some fabulous art, language, PE and other types of classes, and we think this will be our best term yet!

Parents of middle school-aged students should know that nearly all of the middle school classes we offer tend to be very interesting, higher-order-thinking-skills types of classes that are as well-suited for gifted 8th graders as they are for 6th graders.

Parents of early readers will be interested to hear that the students in this term’s Ready Readers classes on M/W & T/Th have shown AMAZING progress in their reading and writing – we highly encourage students in K-3rd grade to sign up, especially if they could use extra reading support or practice or just want to get ahead fast in their reading skills – Ms. Rich and the other teachers, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Norstrom and Ms. Jones, are working with very small groups for individualized, targeted and fun instruction – lucky kids!

Our schedule lists the times, names (or subjects) and grade levels of each class. So for example, “Art – 3-6” will be for grades 3-6. As usual at DCS, grade levels are recommended age levels. Please remember that we choose the suggested grade range for each class based on all the learning experiences and lesson plans for the class, the expectations and expected interactions, and what skills or abilities we recommend for students to feel successful in the class. Since DCS is a flexible, non-traditional environment, some students may be able to join classes even if they are not in the suggested grade range if the parents, Guide and instructors feel that the student will be able to feel successful and participate with the other students in the class in a way that works for everyone (especially the older children in the classes). Don’t forget to discuss such requests early on with your DCS Guide. You can read course descriptions and prerequisites on this document (organized by day and time) or on this alphabetical list (by class name). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your Guide or contact our Educational Programs Coordinator, Monica McQueen at

Parents will be able to enroll students for one class, multiple separate classes, a full day of classes, morning or afternoon blocks, or multiple full days of classes, as desired (not required – all classes are optional). We do have a  family-room area where parents can wait with younger siblings for one or two hours while students are in class. We will also be offering a few supervised independent–study periods when students can work on self-directed projects, reading, online classes or curriculum related to their home learning under the guidance of an educator. Enrollment in independent-study sessions MUST be pre-approved by a DCS Guide before enrolling. Parents and students must sign the Independent Study Agreement, and students must be able to work independently on assignments, projects, reading or online classes which have been pre-assigned by by their learning coach (parent).

If you have not yet registered yourself and your child(ren) in the system, you will be able to create your account and add students during the registration process. For any questions, please contact us at or (503) 420-4360.

There is a $10 fee for every class offered through DCS which will be deducted from your child’s Class and Field Trip Allotment Funds ($300). Each class you register for is $10 (whether one hour, two hour, or twice per week). This $10 fee is nonrefundable, and will not show up in the online course registration system but will be automatically taken out of your “Class and Field Trip Allotment Funds” in our accounting system. Sometimes classes will require additional materials fees – these will be reflected in the online registration system. Materials fees for DCS classes are paid for out of each student’s Regular Allotment Funds ($700).  Your Education Guide can help you arrange to use allotment funds for classes and materials fees,  or the parent can pay out-of-pocket. Please make payment arrangements with your EG. All materials fees are listed in the online course catalog (

Wait List Policy for DCS Classes

Students are confirmed in classes they have been registered for unless they are still on the waitlist. Many people change or cancel classes before term starts and students can get into a class by the first day of the term or within the first week or two after classes start.

If you are still on a waiting list for a DCS class when the term starts on April 1, check your emails – you will have received an email from with any class confirmations or waitlist notifications. OR you can log in to our portal to see every child’s schedule and waitlisted classes.

Active System Instructions

In the system, you can sort by location (choose “Oregon” first and then select one of our specific locations), or by time, see a list view or a calendar view (to see classes on each day of the week).

You can register multiple children in multiple classes all at once if you want by selecting ALL of the classes that ALL of your children want to take (by clicking the “Add” button under each class) and then changing the “quantity” to the number of children you want to enroll in each class.

You will need to click on the name of each class to see the course description and instructor. Once

you finalize your registrations (“Complete Order”) you may be asked how you would like to pay. Select “cash or check” (pay later – these fees will actually be taken out of your Regular Allotment Funds and you will not have to pay by cash or check…) and do not choose pay by credit card.