Classes – Fall Term – 2019

Syllabi for most classes can be found in this Google Drive folder

Lesson plans for courses taught by DCS Guides are on our Common Curriculum Lesson Plans page

Here is the schedule of (optional) fall term classes offered through DCS.  Full course descriptions including materials fees can be found here (more options below). We are excited to be able to offer more science classes this term, thanks to the expertise of our new Guide, Kimberly Schreiner. We are moving to a new, more user-friendly online course registration service called e-Schools. Online course requests (registration) will be open using eSchools Home Access from August 15 to 25. Find instructions here or below (on this webpage). You will receive a tentative confirmation of your child(ren)’s classes around August 23 and a final confirmation around August 27. You may only officially register your student(s) for classes for their grade level. If you would like to request other classes (out of their official grade level), we can accommodate some of those requests, but the DCS Staff have to register those students in the system, so please contact your Guide directly.

Watch this five minute video (below) to find out how to request / register for classes through the eSchools system. Use our eSchools link here or the link provided by Andrea Wilcoxon in an email with your user name and password. If you did NOT receive an email with your eSchools username and password from Andrea, please contact her at

eSchools Course Registration / Request Instructions Video

Fall Term Course Schedule

Classes in orange are full and have a waiting list. Other classes have space and students are still welcome to join. Find a copy of the course descriptions listed by day and time here:

or listed in alphabetical order by class name here.

Here are instructions for requesting courses – use this link to access our DCS eSchools page:



After pressing “Save” you will not see any kind of confirmation message. If you want to verify the list of classes you have requested, click the “Edit” button again”. Click here to see the full instructions for requesting DCS classes in eSchools.

Keep in mind that when we are planning classes through DCS, we try to have at least one class for every age group each period (except for Kindergarten students at the end of the day, because they tend to get very tired out by a full day of classes with different educators in different classrooms, and so we try to respect their rhythm by letting their parent educators guide more of their learning at their own pace). We were able to add more space in some classes and add one more class each period because of the remodeling we did during the summer, so we hope this will help decrease waiting lists. We try to offer a balance of subjects and curriculum areas, but you will notice that nearly every class involves core skills like reading, writing, math and research. We have interdisciplinary classes including math, reading, writing, science, fine arts, performing arts, social studies, languages, and physical education throughout the day and throughout the week.

We now have over 200 students enrolled at DCS, each following their own VERY unique programs of learning, but we try hard to provide course offerings that could be useful, interesting, inspiring, and complementary to most students’ home learning programs, and organize classes based on input from students and parents. We try to differentiate learning in our classes to support all students, but be aware that instructors try to teach each class more to the top of the age-range of that class so that all students will be challenged. 

Based on the demands for courses from spring term and the feedback from families in our recent survey, we are making some changes to our building this summer so that we will be able to accommodate more classes and more students in the fall term. However, space is still at a premium, and every student may still not be able to get into every single class that they would like. With the new eSchools online registration system, families will register for classes between August 15-25, and then, if the class is over capacity and students end up on a waitlist, we want the waitlist process to be fair and student-centered. Most of the time, students will get into nearly every class they would like, but sometimes Guides will need to help determine who gets in and who stays on the waiting list. These decisions will be based on previous enrollment in a class (if a student already took that class before), ability level (out-of-age-range students who might be a good fit, for example), the goals on students’ personalized learning plans (PLPs) and other factors. Families will receive final confirmation of classes on August 27.

Although we provide a lot of built-in instruction and practice in core skills in our classes, DCS is a school created to support individualized home & community-based education. Our Guides are available to help parents / learning coaches make sure that every student is getting a full and balanced learning experience, especially an appropriate and sequential math curriculum, complemented by (optional) DCS classes. Students who are attending classes at DCS nearly every day may greatly benefit from independent study sessions to have more time to work on their home learning (like math). In addition to our independent study sessions (like last year), where students can work independently on their reading, writing, math, and other academic tasks on their own, under the guidance of a DCS staff person who can help as needed, we are going to be able to offer some specialized tutoring sessions this year. We are working out some details for these, but DCS staff will be offering some help with reading, writing, math, and science in very small group settings. Stay tuned for more information. 

Thanks to all parents who sent in requests and suggestions for classes this year – we tried very hard to pay attention to the suggestions in the most recent parent survey. Some parents said “more core classes please” so we have a lot of reading, writing, math, and science classes on offer (and mixed into nearly EVERY class), and some parents said “more community educator classes please” so we have even more classes offered by community educators this term than last term. Some suggestions and requests are just too difficult to implement based on lack of demand, space, instructor expertise, or budget. But we do try hard to meet as many educational needs and fulfill as many wishes as possible within our constraints! Please continue to let us know of classes and field trips you would like to see offered in the future, and community educators you know who could offer interesting classes for our students. 

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