DCS 2020-21 School Year Calendar with holidays, vacations, etc. is at the bottom of this page.

In the DCS Google Calendar, go to the AGENDA view (upper right corner of the below calendar) to see all events & classes taking place each day. Click on the title of the class or event for more information including a description and ways to prepare for the lesson, and there you can also add the event to your calendar. 

Lessons for students will start with the word “Lesson” followed by the suggested GRADE RANGE of the lesson, then the title. For example “Lesson – 2-6 Letters from Afar: Travel to Madagascar” os recommended for grades 2-6. A few minutes before the time of the lesson, click on the calendar event title to find the link for the video to participate in the lesson.

2020-21 School Calendar DCS – PDF Document

2020-21 DCS Calendar approved