Fill out this application form to be entered into our enrollment lottery. We will contact you about attending one of our upcoming information sessions. Your application will be finalized after you attend one of our virtual or in-person information meetings. Please fill out one application form per child.

Lottery and Waitlist 

Applications must be returned no later than May 1st  in order to enter the main lottery. Should the number of applications exceed the number of spaces available, students will be selected via lottery. All applicants must go through the lottery process. Per Oregon law, residents of Dallas School District are given priority over non-Dallas School District residents, and siblings of existing students are given priority over applicants who do not have siblings currently enrolled at DCS: 

Admissions priorities are as follows:

  1. Siblings of student enrolled the previous year who reside in Dallas School District.
  2. Siblings of student enrolled the previous year who reside outside of Dallas School District.
  3. New students who reside in Dallas School District.
  4. New students who reside outside of Dallas School District.

Students who are not admitted to the school will be placed on the waitlist and called as spots become available. If all the students from that waitlist are admitted or decline to enroll before the next lottery, we will run a special lottery for any applications received after May 1. Should the waitlisted student not be enrolled during the school year, the student will remain on the waitlist for the next school year.

Resources for Home/Community-Based Learning

Dallas Community School engages and supports  students through several programs and services. Each student receives access to an $800 allotment that can be used toward standards-based curriculum, lessons and school supplies, and a $300 allotment for DCS classes and field trips. All students are paired with a certified Education Guide who supports students and their Learning Coaches (parents or other assigned guardian). Guides, Coaches and students work together to develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) that describes learning goals for the coming year.  Once the Personalized Learning Plan is developed, parents work with their Guide to obtain curriculum that best meets the needs of their individual student. Attendance at our site in Dallas is not required. However, students can participate in optional morning and afternoon classes at our site and at other sites in the area, plus field trips and family workshops about every two weeks. You can see our current onsite and online classes and field trips on our website. 


“We used to think our children wouldn’t get the opportunities to participate in a lot of classes, like art, yoga or swimming, because of the expense. Then we enrolled at DCS and suddenly our boys had seemingly endless opportunities to take all sorts of enrichment classes – classes they would never had the chance to take otherwise.

We homeschooled without being a part of charter school before DCS and we could do so again but, really, we would miss the DCS community terribly. Not only the classes but also the field trips, our guide and their priceless support, and the other families we have come to know.

Dallas Community School is a lifesaver for a lot of kids, my own included – this community desperately needs more educational choice, for those kids who simply don’t thrive in a traditional school.”


DCS Parent