Classes – Winter Term 2021

DCS Winter Term Classes – Jan. 4-Mar. 18, 2021          

11 Weeks Total  (9 weeks for Monday classes)  –  No classes Monday, Jan. 18 or Monday, Feb. 15 (All classes live via Zoom)

Class Schedule (see below)

Course Descriptions –  Alphabetical by Class Name

Sign-up online between Thursday, Dec. 10 and Wednesday, Dec. 16

Based on some suggestions from parents in the survey, we are trying some different scheduling options for some classes, like our “Cool Skills” class (3x per week) and the Theme Strands groups of classes.

Cool Skills Classes (3x a week – T-Th):

These classes focus on skills for success in learning and in life – reading comprehension, analyzing articles, texts & websites, basic writing skills, real-life math skills,, media literacy, Social Emotional / Growth Mindset / Character Education, basic tech skills (Google Apps, etc.), presentation skills, speaking skills, etc. Students will be with the same group of students three times a week, always starting at the same time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (so easier to remember when to start). These classes may also be producing something like a blog or vlog, online newspaper, videos, stories, books, etc. 

Theme Strands

These are groups of four classes revolving around a theme with similar concepts. Students may take one or more of the classes in the theme strand. 

Benefits include having the same start time every day (easier to remember when to login for class), being with a lot of the same kids for multiple classes (getting to know each other better), 

and deeper learning because of more frequent classes on the same topic (more frequently repeated exposure to vocabulary, facts, ideas, etc.). 

Third graders are welcome to join any of the K-2 classes or get approval from your Guide to join in the 4-6 grade classes (read class descriptions for prerequisite skills & recommendations). 

K-2 – Animals (pets, adaptations, habitats, etc.)

4-6 – Space (exploration, astronomy, history)

6-8 – Civic (Local governments & communities)